Wednesday, 27 de September de 2023
Systems Thinking for Developers Workshop TERMINADA

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Systems thinking helps break down siloed thinking, enabling collaborative problem-solving. It helps teams comprehend how individual changes can have far-reaching effects on the whole system, leading to more strategic decision-making.

Systems thinking promotes continuous learning and adaptation. In an era where technology is constantly evolving, software needs to be developed with a mindset of ongoing improvement and adaptation. This approach paves the way for iterative approaches such as eXtreme Programming and DevOps.

During the workshop, participants will engage in:

  • A short theoretical introduction to systems thinking and its application in the realm of software development.
  • A hands-on activity involving the design of causal loop diagrams.
  • A practical task focused on creating system simulations using flows and stocks.
  • An interactive exercise on implementing interventions in a complex system to influence its behavior.
  • An engaging activity that explores systems thinking in tandem with ChatGPT.

This workshop will be given by Alfredo Artiles, Audiense Co-founder and CTO

P.S: It's advisable to bring your PC (at least 1 for every 2-3 people).

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